A backup is a virtual machine (VM) disk image that is used to restore it. You can use external storage to record your backups. A physical or virtual server with SSH access can be used as storage.

The storage server should use bash as interpreter.

How to prepare a storage

When you connect a storage, you can:

  • specify a SSH user password. VMmanager will connect to the server with this data and add the platform's public SSH key to the list of authorized keys. Next time to connect to the storage, VMmanager will use only the SSH-key;
  • choose to connect using an SSH key. In this case you need to manually add the platform's public SSH key to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the storage server. To see the contents of the key, click I want to use a public SSH-key in the storage connection form or run the command on the server with VMmanager: 

    docker exec -it vm_box bash -c 'cat /opt/ispsystem/vm/etc/.ssh/vmmgr.1.pub'

Storage Box service at Hetzner Data Center

If you use Storage Box service at Hetzner Data Center:

  1. Connect to the server with the platform via SSH.
  2. Copy the platform's public SSH key to the Storage Box server: 

    docker exec -it vm_box cat /opt/ispsystem/vm/etc/.ssh/vmmgr.1.pub | ssh -p23 uXXXXX@uXXXXX.your-storagebox.de install-ssh-key

    uXXXXX — Storage Box username

  3. When connecting the storage in VMmanager, select the SSH-key connection.

How to connect a storage

To connect the storage to VMmanager, enter BackupStoragesConnect storage:

  1. Specify the Storage name or press generate to create a random name.
  2. Specify the server IP address or domain.
  3. Specify the SSH configuration:
    1. SSH-port;
    2. SSH-login;
    3. SSH-password or press I want to use a public SSH-key to configure the key connection.
  4. Specify the Storage path — the directory on the server where your backups will be stored. E.g., /backup.
  5. Specify the Storage volume — the disk space you plan to use to store your backups.
  6. Specify the configuration of Access to storage in clusters — set storage permissions for each cluster.
  7. Specify the discretionary Note for the storage.
  8. Select Schedule for saving copies to the storage.
  9. Press Connect storage.

Example of configuration

How to manage storages

You can manage connected storages through the  menu in the section BackupStorages. Available actions:

  • Edit — change the connection configuration;
  • Note — specify the discretionary comment;
  • Delete.


You can delete the storage only if it does not contain backups and is not specified in the schedule settings.