VMmanager 6: Administrator guide


VNC is a remote access system allowing you to get access to the desktop of another computer. It can translate keyboard button activation and mouse movement from one computer to another one and retranslate display view through computer networks. VNC consists of two parts:

  • server is a program that provides access to the display of a computer it has been launched on;
  • client is a program that receives a display view from the server and interacts with this server over the RFB protocol. Read more about the RFB protocol in Wikipedia.

VNC is platform-independent: a VNC client launched on one operating system can easily connect to a VNC server on another system. Almost every operating system has its own programs for client and server parts of VNC.

VNC in VMmanager

VMmanager uses VNC to manage virtual machines remotely. For an HTML5 VNC client, it uses noVNC. Websockify is used for websocket. The network interface used by a VNC server to receive connection is determined automatically, by default. It utilizes a network bridge which is connected to a network interface of a virtual machine. You can create a private NAT network to restrict access to VNC.

Connect VNC to a virtual machine

You can connect to a virtual machine by VNC from the control panel or from a third party VNC client (RealVNC, Remina, etc.).

Connection credentials

  • the IP address of a VNC server;
  • the port to connect to a VNC server;
  • the password to connect to a VNC server.

These parameters can also be found on the page of your virtual machine in Virtual machines VM parametersVNC settings.

How to connect from the control panel

Click on Virtual machines → VNC.

How to connect from RealVNC Viewer

RealVNC Viewer is the client part of RealVNC, which must be installed on a computer you use to connect via VNC. RealVNC Viewer can be found on the official website.

Go to the File tab and click on New connection.

Specify "<IP address>:<Port>" in the VNC Server field.

 View details

<IP address> is the IP address ofan VNCserver.

<Port> is the port ofan VNCserver.

This connection will be added to the main page of RealVNC Viewer:

You can connect now with a double mouse click. Enter the password to access over VNC.