Vepp Documentation

WordPress template installation

A template is a pre-made design for a website. It can be installed only with a CMS for which it has been developed. A CMS and a selected theme will be installed when you create a website.

Complete the following steps to install a website from a template:

  1. Go to Website → Create a website → From a template or click Create a website from template on the Dashboard. 
  2. Select a theme from the list. You can set a filter by clicking All categories and select the themes you want to use. Click Apply to open the template. Click Clear to cancel the filter. 
  3. Move your mouse cursor over the template and click Details for more information about the selected theme.
  4. Click Demo to open a demo version of the template in a new browser window. 
  5. Click Select to create a new website from the selected template. 
  6. Select a website Domain. If you haven't bought a domain yet, enter any name. The system will create a technical domain automatically and assign it to your website. 
  7. Enter a Directory on the server with Vepp where the website files will be located. 
  8. Click Create a website. Vepp will configure the web server, create a website directory, an FTP-user, databases, and will install a CMS. Clicking on Hide will hide the creation status bar. The installation process will run in the background.
  9. If you don't hide the website creation window, Vepp will offer two actions upon completion:
    1. Website management options —  open the website configuration page. 
    2. Open website in browser — open the website in a new browser window. 


Currently, Vepp doesn't provide a DNS management tool. To assign a domain to your website, use name servers of the domain registrar. If the registrar doesn't provide this option, use Google name servers.

To assign a domain to a website, you need to create the A-record that will lead to the website IP address on name servers. You can find it in Vepp→ Websites the IP address field.