Vepp Documentation

Manual website configuration

To create a website in Vepp, you need to assign a domain and create a directory on the server. You can configure additional parameters such as a PHP version, FTP-user, database, or CMS. By default, Vepp uses standard parameters: it selects the last PHP version and generates names for the database, database user, FTP-user, and CMS administrator based on the selected domain name. 

The main parameters

To create a website in Vepp:

  1. Go to WebsitesCreate a websiteManually or click on Create a website on the Dashboard. 
  2. Set CMS parameters.  
  3. Enter a Domain for the website. If you haven't bought the domain yet, you can enter any name for your website. The system will create a technical domain and assign it to the website. 
  4. Enter a Directory on the server with Vepp where the website files will be created.
  5. Click Create a website. Vepp will configure the web server, create a website directory, an FTP-user, databases, and will install a CMS. Clicking on Hide will hide the website creation status bar. The installation process will run in the background.  
  6. If you don't hide the website creation window, Vepp will offer to go to the Website management tools or Open website in browser.


Currently, Vepp doesn't provide a tool for DNS management. To assign a domain to your website, use the name servers of the domain registrar. If the registrar doesn't provide this option, use Google name servers.

To assign a domain to the website, on the name servers you need to create the A-record that will lead to website IP address. You can find it in Vepp→ Websites → the IP address field.

To set additional parameters of the website, click Edit parameters. E.g. you can select a PHP mode or disable the FTP-user creation option. Learn more under the "Additional parameters" section in this article. 

Additional parameters


Click PHP settings:

  • Enable PHP — check the box to enable the PHP script language;
  • PHP version — select a PHP version that your website was developed on. We recommend using version 5.6 and later;
  • PHP mode — select a way to execute PHP scripts on the web server. Possible values:
    • CGI — a separate module handles the scripts. It is started every time a script is executed. It allows reducing RAM consumption but increases the script execution time;
    • Apache module — the interpreter is started along with the Apache web server. This mode is only effective for not heavy websites. The module is supported only in PHP 5.4. 


Click Database settings and select one of the following variants:

  • Create new  — Vepp will create a new database on the server with the selected Database name and a user to connect to the database;
  • Do not connect — connection with the database won't be set up automatically; 
  • Use existing  — Vepp will connect the website to the Selected database with the specified User parameters.  


Click FTP-user settings and enter a Username and Password to connect to the server through FTP. Use these data to connect to an FTP-client. 

Disable the option Create an FTP-user if you don't want to create a user for connection to an FTP-server.


Click CMS settings and enter the username, password, and email of the CMS administrator.