For Vepp admin

For Vepp admin

Vepp Platform is a software product for service providers. It allows them to sell Vepp as SaaS (software as a service). 

Customers buy a Vepp subscription and connect their server to the platform. The subscription is valid for a certain period and has limitations on the number of websites. As a rule, providers sell the Vepp subscription as a VPS add-on.

Main features

With Vepp Platform, you can: 

  • create users with different access levels;
  • sell services in the Vepp interface. The current version allows selling domains and plug-ins for Vepp;
  • set up integration with the billing systems BILLmanager and WHMCS;
  • develop custom integrations with Vepp Platform using REST API on JSON. 

Product peculiarities 

Vepp Platform is installed on the provider's server. His clients buy Vepp subscription and connect their servers to the platform. Vepp is not installed on the clients' server. The platform manages websites through the SSH-connection. 

Services are provided through a billing system. Clients can register with the platform themselves. To be able to buy Vepp, a client should register in the provider's billing system, for example in BILLmanager. 

An account and Vepp instance are created in the platform for every client. A Vepp instance is a separate control panel with settings, the database, and websites. Platform instances are isolated from each other. Every instance has the owner. Every account can have several Vepp instances.

Every instance has a unique code (id). With the id, the platform generates a unique third-level domain for access to every instance. The UTL format: Eg.: 


id — the instance code. — the domain name of the server with the platform.