SPICE (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments) is a protocol enabling to remotely connect and manage a virtual machine (VM). SPICE allows the user to:

  • automatically change the VM resolution to fit the screen size;
  • set up the VM output on multiple displays;
  • connect USB devices to the VM;
  • share the clipboard;
  • transfer files using drag-and-drop.

Read more about SPICE in the official documentation.

You can connect to a VM using the SPICE protocol if the platform administrator has allowed it. Read more in the SPICE article of the VMmanager administrator documentation.

Connecting to a VM via SPICE

You can connect to a VM:

  • through the platform interface;
  • by means of an external client. For example, Virtual Machine Viewer.

Clipboard sharing and connection of USB devices is only possible when using an external client.

Through the platform interface

To connect to a VM via SPICE, enter Virtual machines → select the VM → menu → SPICE. The VM desktop opens in a new browser tab.

Press SPICE Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete to send the CTRL+ALT+DELETE shortcut to the VM.

Via a client program

To set up a remote connection, the platform installs additional software on the VM — SPICE server. To create the connection, you will need to specify the SPICE server data: IP address, connection port and password. This data is available in the virtual machine card: Virtual machines → select the VM → → Parameters button → VNC/SPICE setupSPICE tab. To avoid entering the server data manually, on this tab you can Download the config file.

Section interface

Connection example for Virtual Machine Viewer:

  1. Download and install the version of Virtual Machine Viewer for your operating system.
  2. To create a connection:
    • manually:
      1. Start the Virtual Machine Viewer.
      2. In the Connection Address field, enter the SPICE server address in the format: spice://<IP address>:<port> and press Connect.
      3. В поле Password введите пароль и нажмите ОК.
    • through the config file — double-click the downloaded config file.
  3. To connect a USB device to the VM:
    1. Insert the USB device into your computer.
    2. In Virtual Machine Viewer, enter File → USB device selection → select the USB device → Close.