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Activating a license with a key


A license is activated with a key if the public IP address is not assigned to the server network interface. Use it if your server runs behind the NAT. 

If the license IP address doesn't match the server public IP address, complete the following steps:

  • activate your license with a key;
  • change the license IP address. We recommend that you use this method as it allows for correct automatic activation of your license. Learn more in the article License IP address

Execute the command:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch mgrName key

mgrName is the short name of a control panel. 

  • ispmgr — ISPmanager;
  • billmgr — BILLmanager;
  • vmmgr — VMmanager KVM or Cloud;
  • vemgr — VMmanager OVZ;
  • dcimgr — DCImanager;
  • ipmgr — IPmanager;
  • dnsmgr — DNSmanager.

key — the license key.


The activation key can be used only once. Generate a new key if you want to activate the license again. Generate a new key in your Client area.

Generating a new license key


Use this information to resolve the issues only if you have purchased your license in the ISPsystem Client area

If you purchased the license from one of our partners or resellers, please contact him for assistance.

Log in to your Client area → ISPsystem licenses.

On the page that will open you can see your license parameters and its status. 

Click on Generate new next to the License key field. A new value will be generated automatically. 


You can generate a new license key only once a month.

Please contact the ISPsystem Customer care team to have the key re-generated. 

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