ISPmanager Lite Documentation

Integration with Site.Pro is a site builder tool.

The official website —


You can configure integration only on the side of Integration by ISPmanager is not supported.

If you have the plugin installed, we recommend uninstalling it: IntegrationModules → → Delete.

If you did not install the Site.Pro plugin through ISPmanager, the plugin data can also be deleted when the plugin is removed.

Registering at

To start using 

  1. Get registered at as a hosting provider.
  2. Activate a trial license for 7 days and specify the IP address of your server with ISPmanager in the license.


You can use Site.Pro for free if only one website will be created for every IP address. To create more websites, you will have to buy a Site.Pro license.

Exporting your site from Site.Pro into ISPmanager

Create a website and click on Save to export the data from the site builder to your server with ISPmanager. The website files will be located in the home directory of the WWW-domain that you have selected. The data are transferred through FTP. The FTP user spro_fhei3232dskj (where fhei3232dskj is a unique sequence of symbols) will be created on the server with ISPmanager for connecting to the server.