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Integration with KernelCare

This function is available in ISPmanager Lite 5.99 and later.


KernelCare allows for automated kernel security updates without reboots. The utility runs a check for the availability of new patches every 4 hours. It downloads and applies all patches automatically without the need for a server reboot.

  • KernelCare applies security patches only from a new version, a current kernel version remains unchanged.
  • Supported OS:
    • RPM-based Linux systems
    • DEB-based Linux systems
  • Patches are not supported on OpenVZ.

Official website of KernelCare.

KernelCare integration page on ISPsystem's website.

Patches for installation KernelCare Patches.


Log in as root – navigate to Integration Modules → click Buy to purchase a module before installation. Once completed, you can install the module by clicking the corresponding button.

If the Install button is not displayed, refresh the page.


Navigate to Integration Modules or select Tools KernelCare to open the KernelCare management form.

Page 1. The configuration of the KernelCare integration module

Page 2. KernelCare

The page contains a number of blocks:

  • General information about the status of the module, system, and license
  • KernelCare package management
  • KernelCare management
  • Detailed information about KernelCare

General information

At the top of the page, you can see information about the status of the module, system, and license.(Page 3. )

Page 3. General information

KernelCare package management

Here you can manage a KernelCare package (Page 4. ).

Page 4. Package management

In order to update/delete/install a KernelCare package, click the corresponding button (Page 4. ). Confirm a selected action.

Please note. KernelCare will download and apply updates for the kernel right after the installation.

KernelCare management

Here you can manage KernelCare (Page 5. ).

Page 5. Package management

In order to update/roll back patches for OS kernel using KernelCare, click the corresponding button (Page 5. ).

Detailed information about KernelCare

Here you can see a detailed information about KernelCare patches applied to the kernel.

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