BILLmanager, VMmanager 5, and DCImanager 5 use certain types of IP addresses when they are integrated with IPmanager. Every type is a group of IPs created in IPmanager.

Create a group of IP addresses

Click on Settings→ IP address groups → Add to create a new group. Specify its Name and add Notes.

Use groups of IP addresses

A user must have permissions to be able to use the IPs from the group. You can configure user permissions in Dashboard Users Permissions.


  • Pool of IP addresses — the addresses that a user can utilize. You can add one IP address or a range of IPs in the formats "first address-last address" or "network address/mask";
  • Hidden range — this option restricts using IPs from the range for automatic provisioning i.e. if an address or a network is not clearly specified;
  • Allowed IP groups — select groups of IP addresses for which you can use the selected range of IPs.