IPmanager Documentation

Access levels

Only authorized users can operate IPmanager. The given article will tell you about different access levels that can be given to the control panel users.

There are three access levels in IPmanager:

  • superuser (root);

  • administrator (admin);

  • user (user).

Superuser (root)

The account with root rights is created and mainly used during IPmanager installation. All further operations with IPmanager will be done under administrator rights.

Key features:

  • manage other user accounts (admin, user): create, set up rights, delete;

  • analyze action and access log;

  • set up the control panel itself.

Administrator (admin)

The admin account is created during IPmanager installation. The administrator has all the rights to manage IP addresses.

Key features:

  • manage accounts of other users (admin, user);

  • manage IP addresses;

  • manage user access rights to different IP pools.

User (user)

The user account can be created by an administrator for those who own IP addresses.

Key features:

  • manage IPs that belong to the user;

  • manage PTR records of IP addresses that belong to a user.