DNSmanager Documentation

Integration with IPmanager

IPmanager is a control panel that can be used as a centralized web-interface for IP address management and allocate IP addresses to servers. 

  • an IP address will be allocated only to one server;
  • it helps configure a name server for PTR management.

A control panel administrator can allow a user to use specific ranges and groups of IP addresses.  So, an administrator in IPmanager can allocate a network cluster for every user. 

For more information on how to install IPmanager please refer to the article Setup and configuration.

Integration parameters in DNSmanager

Navigate to IntegrationsIPmanager 

  • Integration with IPmanager — check the box to select a source of IP addresses that will be allocated to virtual servers in DNSmanager. Selecting the checkbox will allocate IP addresses from IPmanager. Otherwise, the IP addresses will be allocated from a pool of IP addresses in DNSmanager (SettingsPanel addresses)
  • IPmanager URL - enter the full URL to IPmanager.
  • Username - enter the username of the user account in IPmanager. Сreate the account in IPmanager before you start the integration process. 
  • Password - enter the user password.

IP address group management 

DNSmanager uses only one type of IP addresses  — dns. You need to add it in IPmanager→  SettingsIP address groups:

To use IP address from a certain group,  set permissions for the user account which is used for integration with DNSmanager. Log into IPmanager as Admin → MainUserPermissions:

An empty list of permissions indicates that the user account cannot use any ranges of IP addresses.