As a rule, service providers use several DNS-servers to provide DNS-hosting. One server is the master and at least one is the slave server: 

  • master — this server contains and manages resource records (description) if the domain zone. Several slave servers can be connected to the master;
  • slave — this server receives and keeps the information about domain zones from the master server. You cannot change the description of the domain zone. This allows decreasing load from the master DNS-server. 


You should install the master and slave DNSmanager on the servers in different networks. This scheme reduces the risk of the failure of both DNS-servers.

How to connect the slave to the master

  1. Log in to the master DNSmanager with the reseller permissions. 
  2. Go to Integrations Slave servers → Add
  3. Enter the Control panel URL that will be used as the slave DNS-server. 
  4. Enter the Username with the reseller permissions in the slave DNSmanager. 
  5. Enter the user Password
  6. Enable the option Synchronize to synchronize description of domain zones when the slave is connected.
  7. Click on Ok to save the changes. 

Synchronization of the domain zone description 

Description of domain zones on the master and the slave servers are synchronized automatically. 

To do it manually: 

  1. Log in to DNSmanager slave with the reseller permissions. 
  2. Go to Main Domain names
  3. Select the zone, click on Update, and confirm the operation.