To upgrade from DNSmanager 5 read the article Migration from DNSmanager 5 to DNSmanager 6.

Regular updates of a control panel ensure its correct operation. They include:

  • new functionality;
  • improvements;
  • bug fixes.

The control panel can be updated automatically (by default) or manually.

This article describes how to update a control panel.

Automatic update

The automatic update option allows updating the software programs according to the schedule. The task start time in the cron scheduler is randomly generated. 

Log in to the control panel as root and navigate to Settings System configuration.

  • Update software automatically:
    • Do not update — disable automatic updates for this control panel;
    • Update ISPsystem products — update automatically ISPsystem software products. The system updates only the packages installed from the ISPsystem repository. The packages from third-party repositories won't be updated;
    • Update all the system packages — update automatically all packages of the operating system.

Manual update

Execute the following command in the console: