If you have an ISO image of VMware ESXi 7 hypervisor, you can create a template based on it in DCImanager 6:

  1. In the platform interface, create a copy of any template in the location: Templates section → OS and operations templates tab → select any template → menu → Copy → specify an arbitrary name for the new template and the vmware tag → Copy button.
  2. Copy the VMware ESXi 7 ISO image file to the location server.
  3. Connect to the location server via SSH with superuser privileges.
  4. Mount the VMware ESXi 7 ISO image to any directory. For example, /mnt/:

    mount -o loop <path_to_iso> /mnt

    <path_to_iso> — path to ISO image

  5. Go to the directory of the created template:

    cd /opt/ispsystem/dci/os_templates/<template_name>

    <template_name> — created template name

  6. Download files for template generation from ISPsystem repository:

    wget https://download.ispsystem.com/extras/dcimanager/esxi7.tgz
  7. Extract the downloaded archive:

    tar -xpzf esxi7.tgz
  8. Run the script to generate the template. Specify the mounted directory with the ISO image as a parameter:

    ./convert.sh /mnt

    Script output on successful template creation

    Checking files
    Syncing files
    Creating boot.cfg
  9. Unmount the directory:

    umount /mnt
  10. Check how the template works in the platform.