DCImanager Administrator

How to add a PDU

Step 1. Add a power distribution unit (PDU)

Perform the following steps: 

  1. Go to EquipmentPDU → Add PDU
  2. Enter a PDU Name
  3. Enter the PDU IP address
  4. Select the Installation type into the rack. 
  5. Specify the PDU size in units. 
  6. Select a Rack and the Unit number where the PDU is located.
  7. Enter additional information in the Notes field. 
  8. Select an SNMP version and its settings: 
    • specify Community (password) for SNMP v1 and SNMP v2;
    • for SNMP v3:
      • specify a User.
      • if you plan to use Authentication, select its method and enter the Authentication password. 
      • if you plan to use the Encryption key, select its type and enter the Encryption password
  9. Click on Add. DCImanager will start a new task to poll the PDU ports.

Step 2. Configure ports 

Poll the ports

To get the current status of ports, go to Equipment PDU → click on the PDU name → Poll PDU

Connect the server 

  1. Go to Equipment PDU  click on the PDU name → Ports.
  2. Click on→ Connect to server 
  3. Select "To server" in the Connection type field.
  4. Select a Server to connect to the switch. 

Configure ports

To change ports statuses, go to Equipment PDU → click on the switch name → Ports and click on Enable or Disable. 

To add a comment for the port, go to Equipment PDU  click on the switch name → Ports →  → Notes