DCImanager Administrator

How to add a PDU

Step 1. Add a power distribution unit (PDU)

Perform the following steps: 

  1. Go to EquipmentPDU → Add PDU
  2. Enter a PDU Name
  3. Enter the PDU IP address
  4. Select the Installation type into the rack. 
  5. Specify the PDU size in units. 
  6. Select a Rack and the Unit number where the PDU is located.
  7. Enter additional information in the Notes field. 
  8. Select an SNMP version and its settings: 
    • specify Community (password) for SNMP v1 and SNMP v2;
    • for SNMP v3:
      • specify a User.
      • if you plan to use Authentication, select its method and enter the Authentication password. 
      • if you plan to use the Encryption key, select its type and enter the Encryption password
  9. Click on Add. DCImanager will start a new task to poll the PDU ports.

Step 2. Configure ports 

For management of PDU, go to Equipment PDU  → choose the PDU → Ports.

You can filter the ports list by device to which they are connected. For instance, you can display only available ports or ports connected to particular servers. Press  in Device → choose filter type: Device name or Available → specify comma separated filter values. You can provide only a part of the device name. E.g. to display ports connected to servers “Server40”,  "Server41", "Server50", "Server51", type in “Server4, Server5”.

PDU is polled automatically every five minutes. 

Poll the ports

To get the current status of ports, go to Equipment PDU → click on the PDU name → Poll PDU

Connect the server 

  1. Go to Equipment PDU  click on the PDU name → Ports.
  2. Click on→ Connect to server 
  3. Select "To server" in the Connection type field.
  4. Select a Server to connect to the switch. 

Configure ports

To change ports statuses, go to Equipment PDU → click on the switch name → Ports and click on Enable or Disable. 

To add a comment for the port, go to Equipment PDU  click on the switch name → Ports →  → Notes