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User VLAN module


The User VLAN module makes it possible to allocate virtual networks for user servers. In the module settings, the VLAN range, which will be available to users, is set. Read more about VLAN.

How to install and configure the module

  1. Enter SettingsModulesUser VLANInstall button.
  2. After installing the module, press Configure.
  3. Select the Location for which you want to specify the range of custom VLANs.
  4. Enter VLAN IDs in the VLAN ID range field that will be available to users at the selected location. You can specify several separate VLAN IDs or ranges separated by commas or spaces. For example, 1-15, 29, 50, 333-400.
  5. Press Add location to set user VLANs for another location. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Press Apply.

How to manage module

To enable a user create a VLAN:

  1. Enter Users → select the user →  menu.pngmenu → Settings.
  2. Specify the VLAN number that this user can create. The maximum value should not exceed the number of VLANs allowed at that location.
  3. Press Save.

VLAN configuration in the user interface

To configure a VLAN on a switch interface:

  1. Go to Servers → click on the server name → Connected devices → select the switch port.
  2. Select an existing VLAN or create a new one. Enter a name for the new VLAN.
  3. Add a discretional Note.
  4. Press Save.

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