The article contains instructions on how to migrate the platform to another server. If the platform and the location are on the same server, the location will be migrated along with the platform.

If you need to migrate the location to a new server, follow the steps in the knowledge base article If you need to reinstall the OS or replace the location server.

Migration steps

To migrate DCImanager 6 to a new server:

  1. Generate a new token in your client area
  2. On the source server:
    1. Perform a backup:

      dci backup

      The backup will be saved in the directory/opt/ispsystem/dci/backup.

    2. Stop the DCImanager 6 service:

      dci down
    3. Transfer the archive file to the destination server:

       rsync -avzP /opt/ispsystem/dci/backup/<archive_file_name> user@ 
      CODE — IP address of the destination server;

      user — user name at the destination server;

      <archive_file_name> — archive file in the .tar.gz. format.


      The rsync utility must be installed on both the source and destination server.

  3. On the destination server:
    1. Connect to the server via SSH with superuser permissions (root by default).
    2. Download the installer:

      curl -O
    3. Make it executable:

      chmod +x dci
    4. Start the recovery:

      ./dci restore -b /root/<имя_файла_архива>

      <archive_file_name> — archive file in the .tar.gz. format.


      Be sure to specify the full path to the archive file.

    5. When the installation is complete, move the /opt/ispsystem/dci/clickhouse_storage directory from the source server:

      rsync -avzP user@ /opt/ispsystem/dci

      user — user name on the source server; — IP address of the source server.

    6. Make the installer a service:

      ./dci make-service
    7. In the DCImanager 6 interface:

      1. In the right menu click System information.

      2. In the License key field enter the value of the license token.
      3. Click the Activate button.
  4. If the migration was successful, remove the platform from the source server:
    1. Stop DCImanager 6 service and disable it: 

      systemctl stop dci.service
      systemctl disable dci.service
    2. Delete the information about the platform operation:  

      rm /opt/ispsystem/dci -rf
    3. Remove the installed docker images and containers: 

      docker system prune -a -f