BILLmanager is a multifunctional tool intended to manage sales and reselling of hosting, domain, SSL certificate and XaaS services.  

Using BILLmanager enables to sell dedicated servers to customers in automatic mode.  Key features of the billing system include: 

  • customer registration and payments tracking; 
  • service tariffs setup; 
  • customer payments handling;  
  • automatic service management: open, suspend, extend services. 

Preparing for integration

Configuring pools

Create pools of IP addresses in DCImanager 6, which will be assigned to servers when they are provisioned and released. To do this:

  1. Enter NetworkIP pools.
  2. Press Pool general settings.
  3. Select the Pools for deallocation of servers.
  4. Select the Pools for allocation of servers.
  5. Press Save.

You can select a pool from which addresses will be assigned when issuing servers from a particular rack: go to Racks → select rack → menu kebab.pngEdit → select IP poolSave.


Only pools with IPv4 addresses can be used to release and provision servers. To allocate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to the server, add them to the same pool.

IP addresses are allocated in the following order:

  • if a pool is specified for the rack, IP addresses will be allocated from that pool;
  • If no pool is specified for the rack, IP addresses will be allocated from the location pool;
  • If no pool is specified for the location, IP addresses will be allocated from the pool whose name contains "public".

Configuring scripts

To set the DCImanager 6 script to be available for ordering as additional software, select All for the Access to script parameter. Read more in Scripts.

Configuring integration

Integration configuration takes place on BILLmanager's side. For integration:

  1. Connect the processing module "DCImanager 6". Read more in the article Processing module. DCImanager 6 (BILLmanager documentation).
  2. Configure a tariff for "Dedicated server" product. Read more in the article Tariff plan. DCImanager 6 (BILLmanager documentation).

Once the customer has ordered the service, BILLmanager sends an API request to DCImanager 6 to setup the dedicated server.  The service is considered opened (given the status "Active" in BILLmanager), when DCImanager 6 has completed the setup procedure.

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