To install DCImanager, you need license information. If you purchased DCImanager from ISPsystem, you can view this information in your personal account at in the "Platforms" section. To install, you need a value from the Token field.

Before installing the platform:

  1. Make sure that the server meets the system requirements. Read more in the Server requirements article.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Server preparation article.

Installation steps

  1. Connect to the server via SSH with superuser permissions (root per default).

  2. Download the installation script: 

    curl -O
  3. Make it executable: 

    chmod +x dci
  4. Run the installation using the activation key (license token):

    ./dci install -l="<token>"

    Comments to the command:

    • <token> —  the value of the Token parameter of your license. You can find it in the Client area on the license information page.

      Optional command parameters:

      • -n — domain name of the server. Will be used in the platform URL; 

        Example command

        ./dci install -l="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -n=""
      • --registry-port — TCP port for downloading docker container images. Use this option if the server denies incoming connections on ports 5000/tcp and 443/tcp; 

        Example command

        ./dci install -l="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" --registry-port=5001
      • -f — do not check the Docker version;
      • --proxy — HTTP proxy settings in the format http://<user>:<password>@<address>:<port>:
        • <user> — username for authorization. Optional parameter ;
        • <password> — password for authorization. Optional parameter ;
        • <address> — HTTP proxy IP address;
        • <port> — HTTP proxy port.

          Example command for a proxy with authorization

          ./vm install -l="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" --proxy="http://admin:pass123@"

          Example command for a proxy without authorization

          ./vm install -l="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" --proxy=""
  5. The installer will check the version of the Docker software on the server. If the version is lower than 20.10.10, the installation will fail. To install the platform on a server with an older version of Docker, add the -f parameter to the installation command: 

    Example command

    ./dci install -l="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -f
  6. Wait when the installation is completed. You will see the URL to DCImanager: 

    Terminal after successfull installation

    Link to DCImanager administrator registration page:


    When you open a link, your browser will display a warning about a possible security threat. This happens if the server uses a self-signed SSL certificate. . You can connect a valid SSL certificate to the platform by following the instructions.

  7. Go to the DCImanager interface using the received link and create the first user:
    1. Enter the User email.
    2. Create a Password or click generate to automatically generate a password.
    3. Click Done.
  8. Perform the initial setup of the platform.
  9. If you have a resource package certificate, activate it:
    1. Go to System information Activate package .
    2. Enter the code from your resource package certificate.

    3. Press Activate.

      For more information about resource packs, see the Licensing article.

After installation, DCImanager platform will be available by the IP address or domain name of your server. The installer will be started as the systemd service.


DCImanager uses the Docker virtualization system. By default, it uses networks If your equipment uses addresses from these networks, you can change your Docker settings. For more information, see How to change the network used by Docker?

Reinstalling the platform

  1. Create a new Token value for your license. You can do it in your client area at eu or contact technical support.
  2. Stop the platform:

    dci down
  3. Delete directories /opt/ispsystem/dci and /var/lib/mysql :

    rm /opt/ispsystem/dci /var/lib/mysql -rf
  4. Restart the dci service:

    systemctl restart dci
  5. Install the platform:

    dci install -l="<new_token>"

    Comments to the command:

    • <new_token> — new value of the Token parameter for your license.


The DCImanager installation log is kept in the file /opt/ispsystem/dci/install.log.