To work with BMC, enter the BMC section of the server page. In this section, you will be able to:

  • connect to BMC;
  • add or delete an BMC connection;
  • change BMC connection settings;
  • turn the server on/off via BMC;
  • manage BMC users;
  • poll BMC;
  • view information about the system's modules (FRU Info);
  • view the sensor readings;
  • view the BIOS/UEFI and BMC firmware versions (BMC Redfish and DCImanager 6 Infrastructure licenses only).
  • view the BMC log file.

Interface of BMC section

Managing the BMC connection

If server connection to BMC is not configured:

  1. Press Connectto BMC.
  2. Specify the connection settings:
    1. BMC Type
    2. BMC access IP address
    3. BMC Web-interface URL.
    4. User name.
    5. Password.
  3. Press Save.

To change the connection settings, enter the  menu.pngmenu → Settings.

To delete the connection, enter the  menu.png menu → Delete the connection.

Connecting to BMC

To open the BMC interface, press Go to and select the connection mode:

  • Without proxy — if BMC has a public IP address;
  • Use proxy — if BMC has a private IP address. The BMC proxy module will be used for connection.

To connect to the BMC console, enter themenu.png menu → Open console.

The BMC interface will open in a separate window. If it is blocked, allow pop-ups from the DCImanager 6 server address in the browser security settings.

You can transfer the clipboard to the BMC web interface by pressing Left Ctrl + V on the English keyboard layout.

To insert the login and password, use the Login and Password buttons in the BMC interface.

Managing the server power supply

To power the server on or off via BMC, enter the  menu.png menu → Power on server (Power off server). You can also manage the server power with the  toggle switch.

Managing users

You can manage BMC users on the Users tab.

To add a user:

  1. Press Create an BMC user.
  2. Specify the settings:
    1. BMC username.
    2. Password.
    3. Role.

      The capabilities of user roles are set in the BMC settings on the server. 

  3. If necessary, enable the Allow the server owner to log in to the BMC with the data of this user option. With this option enabled, the server owner will be able to connect to BMC only under this user account.
  4. Press Create.

To change user settings, press the menu.png menu in the user line → Settings.

To delete a user, press the menu.png menu in the user line → Delete.

"Users" tab

Viewing information from BMC

To get the current BMC status, click Poll BMCPoll.

Information about the system’s modules (FRU Info) is displayed on the Information tab. The Version field in the Product section contains the value "Product Version" from the impitool mc info command response.

Go to the Sensors tab to view the information from the sensors.

Go to the Logs tab to view the BMC log file.

BMC and BIOS/UEFI firmware update

In the current implementation, the feature is only available for Aquarius servers with BMC Redfish connection.

Update procedure

You can update the BMC or BIOS/UEFI server firmware from a file on your local PC. To do this:

  1. Go to the Information tab → menu.pngmenu → Update BMC firmware (Update BIOS/UEFI firmware).
  2. Drag and drop the firmware file into the Update firmware drawer or click the link select on the device and select the file in explorer.
  3. Click the Update button. The platform will upload the firmware file to the DCImanager 6 location and start the update process on the server.

Use group operations to update firmware on multiple servers at the same time.

Features of function operation

Canceling the update operation may cause permanent server failures.

  • BMC and BIOS/UEFI firmware updates are not supported at the same time. Wait for one type of firmware update to run the other.
  • Uploading firmware to a DCImanager 6 location may fail if you refresh or close a browser tab during firmware upload.
  • During a firmware upgrade, most operations (shutdown, reboot, diagnostics, etc.) are unavailable on the server.
  • The timeout for the update operation is 30 minutes. If the firmware is not updated within this time, the update operation will be canceled.
  • After updating the BIOS/UEFI firmware, the server will be rebooted and the BIOS/UEFI settings will be reset to factory defaults. This is related to the specifics of the server operation.