In DCImanager 6, you can perform the same operations on several servers simultaneously. These operations are called group operations.

The following types of group operations for servers are available in the current version of DCImanager 6:

  • power on;
  • power off;
  • reboot;
  • deletion (decommission);
  • OS installation;
  • mounting an ISO image (DCImanager 6 Infrastructure licenses only);

  • updating BMC and BIOS/UEFI firmware;
  • diagnostics.

To perform a group operation:

  1. Enter Servers.
  2. Mark the servers for the group operation in the left column of the table.
  3. Select the type of operation in the top row of the table.

    The operation will be executed on all servers where it is possible. If the selected operation is unavailable for any servers, the number of devices on which the operation can be performed will be indicated in the name of the operation. E.g., “Power on (2)”.

    Example of performing a group operation

  4. For shutdown and reboot operations, enter the number of servers on which it will be performed.

    Example of confirmation of a group operation

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