COREmanager Documentation

Configuration file options


Syntax: you need to enter every parameter from a new line as "Option Value".

The following is a list of options:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/mgrctl -m core optionlist

  • DisableAutoUpdate — disable auto updates of a control panel;
  • DisableCookieSecure — disable the Secure attribute for cookies. Add this option to access a control panel through HTTP. By default, the option is not specified in the configuration file;
  • DoNotRestoreTasks — do not recover cron jobs. After you have added this option, a control panel will try to create the required cron jobs upon each start;
  • EULA — a user has pressed the "I agree" button to accept ISPsystem License agreement. Deleting this option will show the License agreement when starting the control panel the next time;

  • EnableAcmeshDebug — in the file /usr/local/mgr5/var/<panel_name>_acme_sh.log the log of issuing and updating LE certificates is written. By default, the option is disabled;

    <panel_name> — the name of control panel:

    • ispmgr — ISPmanager;
    • billmgr — BILLmanager;
    • vmmgr — VMmanager KVM or Cloud;
    • vemgr — VMmanager OVZ;
    • dcimgr — DCImanager;
    • ipmgr — IPmanager;
    • dnsmgr — DNSmanager
  • EnableDbAuthlog — if this option is enabled and the type of MySQL database is used, the authorization log will be written to the database. Logging stops. By default, the option is disabled;

    Tables storing:

    • core_auth_log — user authorization records;
    • core_auth_log_last — records of the user's last authorization;
    • core_auth_log_banner — records of the last authorization from another IP address.
  • FirstStart — the first start of a control panel. The Setup Wizard will open when an administrator logs in to a panel for the first time;

  • IgnorePluginError — ignore the errors that occur when using a plug-in (if you couldn't start the plug-in or it returned invalid XML). After you have added this option the function will be executed but the corresponding error notification will be registered;

  • RestrictAuthinfo — enable restrictions for authinfo. For more information please refer to the article Guide to ISPsystem software API;
  • SocialDisableFacebook — disable authorization of users through the Facebook social network;
  • SocialDisableGoogle — disable user authorization through a Google account;
  • SocialDisableVkontakte — disable authorization of users through the VK social network;
  • UsageStatAgree — send anonymous information about the use of the control panel. We collect information to improve the quality of our services. We don't collect any form or table values.

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