BILLmanager Documentation


BILLmanager is integrated with ResellerClub, one of the popular domain name registrars.

The integration module supports the following features:

Import of domains from the registrar

Transfer of domain names

Change of name servers

Change of domain contact information

Domain name verification

WHOIS data protection management

Integration setup

Integration is set up when a new processing module is added in BILLmanager. This module can be added in "Integration" → "Processing modules" → button "Add".

  • Step 1 — Product type. Select a product type. Please select Domains for integration with ResellerClub.
  • Step 2 — Processing module. Select a processing module. You need to select ResellerClub.
  • Step 3 — Integration settings. Enter information for integration with ResellerClub.
  • Step 4 — Processing module parameters. Set up the internal parameters of the module.


Option Client in the processing system allows to use the existing account in the registrar system or create a new account. If you have selected the first option, please specify the following information:

  • API URL — address of server API. For testing:, for real orders:;
  • Reseller Id — reseller ID in ResellerClub system;
  • API key- key for API authorization.;
  • Check domain status via API — select this check box to determine the availability of a domain via domain registrar’s API rather than WHOIS.

If you have selected Add new, the system will show the link to registration at ResellerClub. 

Connection test

On the last step, BILLmanager tries to connect to the registrar with the data you have specified.

If connection ends up with the error: "Cannot connect to the processing module", we recommend to check that:

  • connection data is correct;
  • The URL address of the registrar is accessible from the server with BILLmanager;
  • you can execute API calls from the IP address of BILLmanager from your account in the registrar system.


Log of interaction between ResellerClub and the billing system is recorded in file /usr/local/mgr5/var/pmresellerclub.log.

You can add string "pmresellerclub.* 9" to file /usr/local/mgr5/etc/debug.conf to display more information in the log.