BILLmanager Documentation

Reselling ISPsystem’s modules via BILLmanager

ISPsystem modules are addons to ISPsystem's products, which can be used to extend their functionality. You can resell modules through BILLmanager just like services.

Reselling via BILLmanager 5

To resell ISPsystem's modules through BILLmanager 5, you need to configure integration with ISPsystem's billing system and import the tariff plans.

Configuring integration

Integration is configured in the process of processing module setup in BILLmanger, page IntegrationProcessing modulesAdd:

  1. Choose Product type. To resell modules, choose "ISPsystem modules".
  2. Choose "BILLmanager" as the Processing module.
  3. At the step of Integration setting, enter the information required for integration with BILLmanager.
  4. Enter the address of ISPsystem's BILLmanager in URL field.
  5. Enter account name in the billing system in Username field.


    Use a separate account in the selling BILLmanager for each reselling BILLmanager. Otherwise, interaction of billing systems will be disturbed.

  6. Enter account password in the billing system in Password field. Press Next.
  7. In Processing module parameters set the parameters of the processing module. 

Import of tariff plans

To import tariff plans, to go ProductsTariff plansImport.

  1. Choose the processing module setup at the integration step. 
  2. Choose Product type for reselling and its Tariff plan. Specify the Provider. For example, import of tariff plan for CloudLinux module:

You can change the tariff plan name and price after import. To start reselling, enable the imported tariffs in ProductsTariff plansEnable.

Configuring the product type

To resell ISPsystem modules correctly, enable the Domain name and Resource IP address for the imported tariffs in the product type settings of ISPsystem modules. Enter ProductsProduct typesISPsystem modulesParametersDomain name / Resource IP addressTariff plans. Select the required tariff and press Enable.

Recelling via BILLmanager 4

To resell ISPsystem modules via BILLmanager 4, complete the following steps:

  • Create and configure a new product type
  • Set up integration with ISPsystem BILLmanager
  • Install a plug-in for reselling
  • Import and configure the module tariff plans from ISPsystem BILLmanager


Before you start, make sure you use the latest versions of BILLmanager 4 -

Creating and configuring a product type

Navigate to ProductsProduct typesAdd.

Enter addition as an internal name select the Require server and Separate menu item checkboxes.

Activate two add-ons for the newly created product type - navigate to ProductsProduct types Contents:

Number of module licenses, the internal name is license.

Resource limit, the internal name is accountlimit.

Navigate to ProductsProduct types and click Parameters,and add the License parameter with the internal name item:

Integrating with BILLmanager ISPsystem

Navigate to IntegrationServers Add.

Be sure to enter "BILLmanager 5" for the Control panel parameter.

In the Control panel URL enter the URL of the billing system:

Installing the module reselling plug-in

Before you install a plug-in, back up the /usr/local/ispmgr/bin/billmgr file, as the original file will be changed by the plug-in.

Complete the steps below:

  • Download the module archive from Select the module according to your OS architecture and BILLmanager version.
  • Extract the files into the /usr/local/ispsmgr/ directory. The /usr/local/ispmgr/bin/billmgr file will be changed and two new files /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/billmgr_mod_additionsale.xml and /usr/local/ispmgr/lib/ will be added.
  • Restart BILLmanager: killall billmgr

After installing the plug-in, navigate to Settings → Features,and enable the ISPsystem modules reselling option.

Importing and configuring tariff plans

To import tariff plans, navigate to Products Tariff plans Import.

First, you need to select the server the tariff plans will be imported from and a product type. Next, the system will offer you to select a tariff plan you want to import.

Once completed, configure the tariff plans. Navigate to Products Tariff plans Edit, and select a module type. The field will be shown after the plug-in is installed. Possible values:

  • Virusdie — VirusDie module for ISPmanager Lite
  • VirusDieBusiness — VirusDie module for ISPmanager Business
  • CloudLinux — CloudLinux module for ISPmanager
  • KernelCare — KernelCare module for ISPmanager Lite
  • Softaculous — Softaculous module for ISPmanager
  • DDoSGUARD — DDoSGUARD module for ISPmanager.
  • vmware — VMware vCloud module for BILLmanager
  • vmwarevds — VMware vCloud, VPS provisioning for BILLmanager

You can activate the tariff plans in ProductsTariff plansEnable.