BILLmanager Documentation

Reselling via BILLmanager

You can use BILLmanager to resell the services of other providers. It has a built-in module of integration with other BILLmanagers.

Let's call BILLmanager which services are sold the main BILLmanager. Only BILLmanager Corporate can be used as the main BILLmanager. The one that resells the services will be called the reseller BILLmanager.

First of all, you need to add BILLmanager processing module and integrate it with the main billing system to start reselling. Then you need to import tariff plans from the main BILLmanager and set them up for your project: edit prices, names, and resources. After you have activated the tariff plans, your clients will be able to order services per these plans from your reseller BILLmanager.

When a service is ordered in the reseller BILLmanager, it creates a new operation. This operation and its status can be viewed in the section “Tools” -> “Running operations”. The reseller system will send a request to create a new service to the main BILLmanager. After the service has been handled by the main billing system, the reseller BILLmanager will receive information about this.

The system keeps track of any change made with the service in the main BILLmanager, such as the change in parameters, resources, activation/deactivation, etc. The reseller BILLmanager will always have up-to-date information about all services.

This is how the reselling process works:

What you can resell

You can resell the following services:

  • VPS
  • Dedicated server
  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual data center (vCloud Director)
  • ISPsystem licenses
  • SSL certificates
  • Domain names
  • Backup copies of virtual machines