BILLmanager Documentation

Reselling of ISPsystem licenses via API

You can resell services via remote calls to API. This article describes how to use API for reselling ISPsystem licenses.

The API address of the ISPsystem billing system:

Authentification is performed with the authinfo parameter which value is authinfo=user:passwd, where user is a username in the billing system; passwd is his password.

Order license

To order a license, use the soft.order.param function with the following parameters:

  • skipbasket — do not add services to the cart and charge the client immediately. Possible values:

    • on — activate a service without putting it into the cart;
    • off — activate the service from the cart. This is the default value that you may not specify in the request; 
  • ip - license IP-address.
  • licname - license name.
  • period - licensing period. Possible values:
    • period=1 - 1 month
    • period=12 - 1 year
  • autoprolong - license renewal parameter. Possible values:
    • autoprolong=1 - when a client orders a service, auto-renewal for 1 month will be set
    • autoprolong=12 - auto-renewal for 1 year
    • autoprolong=null - without auto-renewal
  • pricelist - tariff code. Possible values:
    • ISPmanager Lite: pricelist=3541
    • ISPmanager Business: pricelist=4601; addon_4602=<amount>
    • BILLmanager: pricelist=5577
    • BILLmanager Corporate: pricelist=5579
    • VMmanager KVM: pricelist=3045; addon_3049=<amount>
    • VMmanager Cloud: pricelist=3887; addon_3889=<amount>
    • VMmanager OVZ: pricelist=3651; addon_3698=<amount>
    • DCImanager: pricelist=3934
    • DCImanager Enterprise: pricelist=3936
    • DNSmanager: pricelist=3136
    • IPmanager - pricelist=2891
  • addon_X - number of nodes for some types of licenses.

Example of function call

Renew license 

To renew a license use the service.prolongfunction which has the following parameters:

  • elid - license id. 
  • period - renewal period. Possible values:  
    • period=1 - 1 month
    • period=12 - 1 year

Example of function call

Change license parameters

The soft.edit  function allows changing the IP-address and name of the license. The new license name is passed with the licname parameter, and the new IP-address is passed with the ip parameter.

Example of function call<new license name>&ip=<new IP-address>&sok=ok

Suspend license 

Call the soft.suspend function to suspend a license: 

Example of function call<license id>

Activate license 

Call the soft.resume function to activate a license: 

Example of function call<license id>

Check license order

Call the soft.checkip function to check if it is possible to order a license on a specific IP address. 

Example of function call

Re-generate license key

To change the license key, call the soft.edit function. The clicked_button=newkey parameters define if the system should re-generate a new key. 

Example of function call

Delete license 

Call the soft.delete function to delete a license: 

Example of function call<код лицензии>