BILLmanager Documentation

Reselling ISPsystem modules

In some of the ISPsystem control panels, you can find the "Modules" section which allows purchasing and installing additional modules. Modules add more functions to a control panel. 

Example: in ISPmanager users can order an integration module with CloudLinux.

All of the ISPsystem control panels are associated with the billing system that sets the module price and where clients can order and pay for modules. When ordering a module, a client will be offered to enter his credentials to access the billing system. His order will be placed in this billing system. If the client has sufficient funds, the payment will be performed automatically. Otherwise, the client will be redirected to the billing system to complete the order manually. 

By default modules are provided via ISPsystem BILLmanager.

ISPsystem partners can resell modules: they order them from ISPsystem and sell to their clients via their own BILLmanager or another system.

Before you start reselling the modules, complete the following steps:

  • Contact ISPsystem to join the Partner program. 
  • Provide a range of  IP addresses you are going to use and the URL of BILLmanager that your customers will be redirected toThe team ISPsystem will add these details to your account in ISPsystem billing system. Therefore, the control panels installed on the servers with specified IP addresses will get the specified URL of the billing system (the URL is "built int" into the license). 
  • Configure reselling of modules via BILLmanager 5BILLmnager 4 or another system.