BILLmanager Documentation


On the service order from a client can configure the service according to his needs. The total price may change depending on the provider's pricing policy. 

A total amount due is the price that a client shall pay for a selected service. 

The total amount can involve the following prices: 

  • Tariff price — fixed price of a tariff plan.  
  • Addon price — the price may vary depending on the resources that the client orders. 

Tariff price

A tariff price includes the following components: 

  • Period price — the fixed price a client pays for the service for a given period. The service provider sets prices for every period. 
  • Setup fee — a client is charged only once when purchasing a service associated with the certain tariff plan. 
  • Tax service tax. The tariff price will be changed only if the tax is not included in its price. 

Addon price

An addon price includes the following components: 

  • Periodic pricing — the fixed price that the client pays for his service for a given period. The service provider sets prices for every period.  
  • Price for every resource — the price for a required resource amount. The service provider sets the pricing rules. The client can modify the resource on the order page to change the total price. 
  • Overage price — how much the client will have to pay if he uses more resources than his tariff plan includes. It is used only for "Based on statistics" billing type. The overage prices don't affect the total price of the service when the client makes an order. The billing system will charge a client as long as he uses extra resources.