BILLmanager Documentation

Password recovery


On the Client area login form customers can restore the password to their BILLmanager account by clicking the Password recovery button:

By default, the system will send an email to the client to restore his password. To enable this feature, the service provider needs to configure the outgoing email server

Moreover, the provider can use password recovery via sms. To enable this feature, he needs to configure the SMS-gatewayadd a fraud protection gateway, and enable the corresponding option in ProviderGlobal settingsClient verificationPassword recovery via SMS:

With the checkbox selected the following new fields will be shown on the form: 

Attempts to send a code — enter the maximum number of attempts to receive a code by phone. After a client uses all his attempts, he can restore the password only via email. 

Code receiving timeout — enter the minimal time in seconds that will pass before a client will be able to receive a new recovery code.

How to receive a code — a client can choose how he wants to receive a password.

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