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The billing system is available in two versions: "BILLmanager" and "BILLmanager Corporate". They differ in functionality and service packages available for integration.

For example, the standard "BILLmanager" version does not support integration with VMware vCloud Director and Microsoft Windows Azure Pack. It means that you will not be able to offer virtual data centers.

Furthermore, the standard "BILLmanager" version does not include support quality control, advertising materials etc.



This billing system version is for small and medium business companies having one project (one brand). 

BILLmanager Corporate

This version is for holding companies and enterprise companies having several independent projects.

In addition, the "Corporate" version provides extended analytics, extra marketing tools, and service reselling.


Product versionBILLmanagerBILLmanager Corporate
Used forSmall and medium business companiesHolding companies and enterprise companies
Payment automation

Automatic service activation

Support center

Sell domains, hosting, VPS, SSL

Sell dedicated servers

Sell any services

Sell XaaS

Affiliate program and promo codes

Marketing tools and analytics

Several projects


Upgrade from BILLmanager to BILLmanager Corporate 

The upgrade is available only in one way — from standard BILLmanager to "BILLmanager Corporate". The downgrade isn't possible. 

In order to upgrade to the Corporate version, you shall launch this script:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/ corporate

The script will delete the repository used for the previous version, add the new version repository and install the product on your server. Additional tables will be created in the database.


After you have upgraded your BILLmanager version, you will need to buy a Corporate license.

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