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Payment from client area

Depending on the provider's settings, several types of payments are available in your client area:

  • advance payment — you top up your Personal account by any convenient way and then pay for the services using it. You can also enable auto-renewal from your Personal account;
  • payment for the service by the selected payment method — you pay for the service directly by a particular payment method without using your personal account. For example, via a bank transfer;
  • payment with a saved bank card — you save your bank card or e-wallet details in the Payment methods. Then you use this card or e-wallet to pay for services or create subscriptions.

Advanced payment

It is recommended to use the advanced payment if you want to add funds to your account balance and use them later to buy new services or extend the existing ones.

Your invoice generated will have the line "Advanced payment" without any link to any specific service.

You can create an advanced payment by clicking on Add funds in the user menu.

The system will ask you to select a payment method and the sum and will transfer you to the corresponding payment gateway.

The paid invoice can be found on the tab Accounts in the section Finances and documents. Once payment has been received, your invoice will change its status from "New" to "Paid". Now these funds can be used to pay for specific services.

Payment for a particular service

If you have chosen a service, you can pay for it immediately. To do this, click Pay or Add to cart. Enter the amount and choose the payment method. When paying for a particular service you will be redirected to the payment system’s web page. After your payment has been processed, the service will be activated


Services that are charged daily cannot be renewed. Charges for them are deducted from the personal account.

If you have chosen a saved payment method for the service, you do not need to enter your bank card or e-wallet details – the payment will be processed automatically. In addition, when paying, you can immediately subscribe to the selected service. Read more in Payment methods.

Payment for addons

For some services, you can change the amount or value of resources. For example, you have bought a virtual server with 100 GB of disk size. While using the service, you realized that you need more disk space. To increase the disk size, in the Client area you change the configuration of the service and buy an addon in the amount you need.

To change the service configuration, select the required service and press Configuration. Change the value or amount of the addon and press Pay for changes or Go to cart. If you press Pay for changes, a form will open with the choice of payment method, and then you will be able to pay for the change in the resource in the same way as paying for services. If you press Go the cart, the resource change is sent to the cart. You can continue shopping and then pay for the entire cart at once.


The cart cannot contain two operations on the same service at the same time.

For example, you increase the disk size for the "Virtual server" service and add the change to the shopping cart. Next, you add auto-renewal of this service to the shopping cart. The first operation will be removed from the cart.

Exception: if the service is stopped, both of these operations may be in the shopping cart at the same time.

Provider can change the addon or delete it. In this case, if the addon was in your cart, it will be removed from it.

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