BILLmanager Documentation

BILLmanager 6 interface explained

BILLmanager client area is your private section of the provider's website where you can order and manage your services and have access to support center and your financial documents.

The documentation will guide you through the system interface and its principles and show in examples how to accomplish specific tasks.

The documentation is divided into a few sections:

  • Profile settings include documentation on the system interface and user profile settings. In this section, you will learn about how to change your password, set up notifications, create additional users within your account, etc.
  • Finances and Documents have articles about how to pay for the services and where to find data on funds added or spent. Here you will also learn about the so-called Payers and where to find your invoices and agreements.
  • Support center describes how to send a ticket to the technical support team, how to find its status and previous replies from support staff.