Starting from BILLmanager version 5.198, the problem with running operations freezing has been solved; we recommend updating the control panel to the specified version.


Operations on services freeze: power on, reboot etc.


To identify the operation freezing cause:

  1. Check for any frozen operations of the processing module with the command:

    Processing module operations check

    ps aux | grep pmvmmgr

    pmvmmgr — processing module operations (pm<panel_short_name>).

  2. Check the processing module’s log. For example, if the virtual server service is in VMmanager, check the log in /usr/local/mgr5/var/pmvmmgr.log; in case of ISPmanager processing module, check the log in /usr/local/mgr5/var/pmispmgr5.log.
    An example of log when a service is provisioned:

    Service provisioning log

    Mar 12 04:06:29 [14203:1] processing INFO RUN with: processing/pmispmgr5 --runningoperation 97 --command open --item 509
    The open command will change depending on the operation being requested.
  3. If the processing module returns an error/response, check the logs on the processing module’s side.