BILLmanager 6 Startup, Advanced

Operation principles of VMmanager 6 module


Service activation algorithm

After a client has ordered and paid for the service, BILLmanager starts the VM creation process:

  1. Logs in to VMmanager 6 with admin permissions. BILLmanager uses the credentials from the processing module settings. 
  2. Checks that the client exists in VMmanager 6.
  3. Creates a new user account if needed. 
  4. Sends a request to create a new virtual machine. VMmanager 6 performs the following operations: 
    1. Checks the data from BILLmanager and selects a cluster node.
    2. Assigns the IP address to the server. If the cluster has several IP pools, it selected the one with the smallest ID. If the pool is not available, it selects the next one with the larger ID. 
    3. Uploads the required operating system if it is not created on the node. 
    4. Creates and runs the VM. 
  5. Waits when the VM creation task is completed. 
  6. Automatically terminates the IP creation tasks. IP management operations are performed in VMmanager 6. 
  7. Receives and saves information about the VM: its IP address, domain, and password. 


In VMmanager 6 settings you can specify a range of IP addresses that will be assigned to virtual machines. If you integrate the panel with IPmanager, it won't be used when creating a new virtual machine.

Change of VM resources 

Resources can be modified only for a suspended virtual machine. So, changing the resources in BILLmanager will reboot the virtual machine. 


Logs of interaction between the billing system and VMmanager 6 are located in /usr/local/mgr5/var/pmvmmgr6.log.

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