Product types have add-ons. An add-on is a template for additional services of a tariff plan. An add-on has an internal name and settings. A resource inherits these settings from the add-on. For more information please refer to the article Tariff plan configuration


We do not recommend that you edit the internal names of pre-made add-ons.

Use a manual processing module or activation via Shell-scripts for custom add-ons. For more information please refer to the article Integration via ShellScripts.

Configuring product type details

Navigate to Products  Product types → Details  Add:

  • Name —  enter a name that will be displayed in the Type field on the add-on configuration form in Products  Tariff plans → Details  Edit
  • Internal name — enter a unique internal name that allows identifying a product type detail in the list of processing modules;


    The internal name of the add-on must not match the built-in internal names. Verify this using the API request:

    API request

    <BILLmanager address>? billmgr? func = <internal product type name> & out = xml

     <BILLmanager address> — enter the address of your BILLmanager

    <internal name of product type> — specify the internal name to be checked

    If a verifiable internal name is found in the response to the request, use a different name.

  • Sorting — set priority to show this parameter on a service order or edit form;