After the billing system has been installed, you need to complete its preliminary setup. Start the Configuration Wizard that consists of three steps: Select country, Provider settings and Company settings.

The company and provider settings specified through the initial configuration wizard will be used for the preliminary configuration of the billing system. Please note that the preliminary configuration is an automatic process configuring some billing system sections (such as localization, documents templates, etc.)

Click on the button Initial settings on Dashboard to start the initial configuration wizard.

Step 1. Select a country

Country — select your country.  The system will configure currencies, localization, documents, etc. automatically depending on the country you have selected. In the future, you will be able to change it; however, you will have to re-edit all settings defined by the wizard again.

Legal status — the system will download a specific set of documents and define necessary legal data fields depending on the legal address specified. After finishing the initial setup wizard, you will not be able to change the legal status through the panel interface. If you have selected an incorrect value, you will have to create a new company with an appropriate legal status.

Step 2. Provider settings

  • Provider name — enter the name of the provider who will provide services to customers. It can be changed at any time on the provider's configuration page Provider → Providers
  • Billing URL — public URL-address of the billing system. It can be used to place the Shop window (if it is included) and for connection between Shop window and the billing system. By following this URL-address, your client will be able to access the authorization page. Also, you can use this address in your notifications. Read more about how to configure the URL address correctly.
  • Email for notifications — full email address. Your clients will receive notifications from this email address. You shall also configure an external mail server and outgoing messages gateway so that emails would be prepared properly for sending. 
  • Support email — from this email address, users will receive user activation and payer notifications or when restoring the password. You can leave this field empty; in this case, all notifications will be sent from your Email for notifications.
  • Currency — the monetary unit used in your project. If you create only one provider, all calculations will occur only in this currency. It can be changed, however, new personal accounts will be added if adding a new currency for all users. Clients registered in your control panel before the currency has been changed will still have their account with the original currency. If the system has active payments or expenses, then the currency change function will be blocked. We do not recommend to change the currency after the initial setup wizard was configured.


    It is necessary to set the correct currency for the provider right away. We do not recommend changing the currency after exiting the initial setup wizard.

    Changing the currency is subsequently possible through a database or by reinstalling the platform.

  • Default language — according to the selected value, the system will assign the default localization. It will change the default localization and the default document templates (if the required language is available in the panel).