To add Stripe, you need to configure the settings on the payment gateway side and add the module in BILLmanager.

Payment methods support
Bank cardsCashE-walletsMobile paymentsOnline banking

American Express,
Union Pay.

Amex Express Checkout,
Visa Checkout,

Supported features
Payments return

Recurring payments


Configuring the payment method

  1. Configure webhook: Go to DevelopersWebhooksAdd endpoint. For the  Endpoint  URL,  use the address of the billing platform CGI-script, eg.: " ". Enable  charge.succeeded , charge.failed , setup_intent.succeeded  for notifications:

webhook configuration in Stripe


 If you enter the HTTPS protocol in the Endpoint  URL field, the payment system will check how secure the connection with the specified server is. Make sure that the server domain name has a valid SSL-certificate.

2. Enable due payments notifications in SettingsStripe apps Billing Subscriptions and emails Manage payments that require 3D SecureCustomer emails Send a Stripe-hosted link for cardholders to authenticate when required . This option is used when a client enables recurrent payments with cards that require confirmation of every operation. When activating the payment, the client will receive a notification with payment confirmation instructions. The payment will be accepted in BILLmanager after confirmation. 

3. Specify the account name in Stripe: SettingsBusiness settingsYour businessAccount InformationAccount name.

Configuring BILLmanager

Navigate to Provider Payment method and complete the following fields:

  • Step 1  Select a payment method — choose "Stripe".
  • Step 2  Integration settings. Enter the integration details. 
  • Step 3  Payment method settings. Enter the payment method parameters. 


Client — select the existing account or register a new one. If you choose "Use existing", enter the following details: 

  1. Payment method — select a payment method that will be available to clients. 
  2. Secret Key — enter the secret key to API in Stripe. 
  3. Publishable Key — enter the public key to API in Stripe. 
  4. Logo URL — enter the provider URL. The client will see this logo on the payment page. The recommended size is 150x50 pcs. 
  5. When setting up automatic payment for clients the system will automatically make a payment for 1 $ to ensure the credit card is valid. After the recurring payments are set up, the payment will be canceled. 

Add new — you will be redirected to the Stripe registration form.

Additional information

The module is installed from the latest available version of the product and requires an update of the BILLmanager platform, because the module version cannot be higher than the platform version.


To allow for refunds navigate to Provider Payment methodsEdit check the Allow refund box. A refund can be made only for "Paid" payments. 


Stripe has the following log files:

  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/pmstripe.log — configuration details of the payment method.
  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/stripepayment.log — payment log.
  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/striperesult.log — credit payment log.
  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/striperecurring.log — auto-payment activation.
  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/stripesubscription.log — auto-payment configuration.
  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/stripewebhook.log — Webhook log.