Automatic recovery of a module

 In some occasions, a module in BILLmanager 5  can stop working after:

  1. COREmanager updates;
  2. BILLmanager updates;
  3. Updates of third-party libraries in the system.

To resolve the issues, you may rebuild the modules.

The rebuild process involves the following steps:

  1. When calling the modules for the first time (for example, when calling a "Processing module"), the system receives the functions that the module supports. The system calls: "<module name> --command features";
  2. In case of the failure, the system tries to rebuild the module. To do so, BILLmanager 5 checks that the directory "mgr5/src/<module name>" (module name must match the name of the module binary file) is present.  Next, the system calls "make install-only -C mgr5/src/<module name>/Makefile". Once the rebuilt procedure is complete, the system will try to make the call from step 1.