To perform all financial operations, BILLmanager uses a separate entity — the payer. Payer has access to all financial operations in the client area: he can generate invoices, receive certificates and financial notifications. Payer is needed to make payments. You can create several payers for one account in your client area.

Information about the payer contains a postal and email address, phone number, contact person's name and other important information that the provider may need when working with a company, sole proprietor or individual.

Creating a payer

To add a new payer:

  1. Go to ClientPayersAdd.
  2. Press Add new payer. Select a payer type: individual, company, or sole proprietor. Each type requires certain data, fill out all fields carefully:

In the future, when generating an invoice, all the details will be inserted automatically.

Payer management

The list of payers is available in Client Payers.

View information about payers

  • Id — unique identifier of the payer in the system;
  • Name — name of the company, private person or individual entrepreneur;
  • Payer status — private person, legal entity or individual entrepreneur.