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General information. OpenStack (VPS)


OpenStack is a software solution that is used to create cloud services or storage in the public and private clouds.

Integration with OpenStack (VPS) allows the provider to offer virtual servers to clients.

The module supports the following virtual server operations:

  • ordering;
  • editing resources;
  • managing IP addresses;
  • start and stop;
  • reboot;
  • opening console.

The virtual server owner is not given access to OpenStack, but it is possible to switch to the web console: Virtual servers → select service → Console button.


The integration test was performed with a certain OpenStack (VPS) configuration. For this reason, we guarantee correct interaction of BILLmanager with OpenStack (VPS) only when using Pike and Wallaby versions.

The OpenStack (VPS) cluster nodes were running on Ubuntu 20.04.


Using a different OpenStack (VPS) configuration is allowed, but the correct operation of virtual data centers in BILLmanager is not guaranteed.

Structure of the section

The articles of this section describe the peculiarities of selling services in OpenStack (VPS) integration in place.

Setting up the sale of virtual servers:

  1. Operating principle of the module.
  2. Creating the service processing module.
  3. Control panel licenses.
  4. Adding a service tariff plan.
  5. Reselling.
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