The OpenStack (VPS) processing module supports the Control panel license resource. When processing an order with this resource, it is possible to automatically order a license for the control panel selected by the client.

Licenses are ordered through a license server – a service processing module integrated with ISPsystem's BILLmanager or with the BILLmanager of a reseller. The license server is specified in the parameters of the OpenStack (VPS) processing module.

To automatically order licenses in BILLmanager for a tariff, the Control panel license resource must be configured. This resource allows you to order a license for a software product along with the server. In this case, when ordering a service, the OpenStack (VPS) processing module accesses the license server and orders the necessary product. The address of the virtual server is specified as the IP address of the license.

Connecting the license server

To order ISPsystem licenses, you will need to connect the BILLmanager service processing module (license server). This can be done under Integration Processing module Add button. The processing module adding wizard consists of four steps:

  • Step 1 — Product Type. Select the product type. You need to select "ISPsystem Licenses".
  • Step 2 — Processing module. Selecting a processing module. BILLmanager is specified as the processing module.
  • Step 3 — Configuring the integration. Entering the information required for integration with BILLmanager:
    • URL — the address of BILLmanager, which will provide licenses. If integration is being set up with ISPsystem BILLmanager, specify the URL:;
    • Username — the name of the user in the BILLmanager plugin. License tariffs must be available to the user for ordering;
    • Password — user password.
  • Step 4 — Parameters of the service processing module. Configuring the internal parameters of the service processing module. 

The created service processing module is specified as the license server for the OpenStack (VPS) processing module.

Configuring the "Control panel license" resource

In Products Tariffs plans Options. button, you need to configure the resource with the Control panel license type and the Enumeration value type.

Select the enumeration on the Tariff restrictions tab. It determines which control panels will be available to the client when ordering the service. The default enumeration specified is Server control panel.

Configuring the enumeration

To configure enumerations, enter ProductsEnumerations Values button.

In the Internal name field, specify the license tariff code in the remote BILLmanager — the license server.

To order licences in ISPsystem’s BILLmanager, the following names must be specified:

  • BILLmanager 6 Hosting&Cloud for one month — 55382
  • BILLmanager 6 Hosting&Cloud for one year — 55384


For the "Without control panel" enumeration, the internal name must have the value nopanel.

Configuring the cost of the control panel

Under Products Tariffs plans Options Prices button, you can set the prices of control panel licenses.

Alignment of license order periods

ISPsystem licenses can be purchased for one month or one year. A client can order a server with a control panel for the period specified in the settings of the tariff. If the validity period of the ordered service does not coincide with the available license order periods, the license for the control panel is purchased for the minimum available order period — 1 month.

It is possible to change this behavior of the system and configure alignment of order periods. Period alignment allows you to resell ISPsystem licenses "in parts". For example, a provider can buy a one-year license and resell it as twelve monthly licenses.

You can configure the alignment of order periods under Integration Processing modules Peremeters button. 

The Add button opens the period setup form.

  • Parameter — type of parameter. To configure the order periods, select "Period alignment".
  • Initial period — the period to be replaced.
  • Replace by — the period by which the initial period will be replaced when sending the license order command to a third-party BILLmanager.
  • Align with tariff — this period alignment will work only when ordering services at the specified tariff.
  • Product type — the type of product to which the tariff belongs.
  • Tariff — the tariff for which period alignment is to be used.

Reuse of licenses

The duration of the license depends on the duration of the virtual server service. As long as the service is active, the license will be renewed regularly. If the lifetime of the license is longer than the lifetime of the service, paid but unused licenses remain on the provider's account in BILLmanager — the license server. A pool of free licenses is formed. Such licenses are reused by the billing platform when the client orders a server with the control panel.