BILLmanager 6 Corporate

Reselling of ISPmanager 6 licenses via BILLmanager


You can use BILLmanager to resell ISPmaanager 6 licenses as a separate service, or bundled with the tariff plan.

License as a separate service

You can resell licenses as a separate service just like any other service. For this:

  1. Configure the integration with ISPsystem BILLmanager. During setup of the processing module, choose ISPsystem licenses and enter the address of ISPsystem's BILLmanager in URL field: For integration, use the account of the customer, who will be able to buy licenses, in the selling BILLmanager.


    To resell ISPmanager 6 licenses, you need to create a new processing module, even if you already have a processing module for reselling other ISPsystem licenses. This is required to import new tariffs.

  2. Import tariff plans. After import, enable and configure them.

  3. Synchronize the tariff plans of the reselling BILLmanager and ISPsystem BILLmanager.

Read more about reselling licenses as a separate service in Reselling via BILLmanager.

License bundled with the tariff

"Control panel" addon can be enabled for tariff plans of "VPS" and "Dedicated server" type. A license for the user selected control panel can be ordered automatically when a service with such addon is being processed.

To resell ISPsystem’s licenses, you need to set up a processing module of "BILLmanager" type.

License reselling is implemented through a special processing module configured for integration with ISPsystem's BILLmanager. This processing module is linked as a license server to other processing modules governing integration with DCImanager/VMmanager.

You can resell licenses only for predefined tariff plans in ISPsystem. To link the reselling BILLmanager to these tariff plans, use a special entity - enumeration. For addition to "Control Panel" use the enumeration "Server Control Panel".


Navigate to Products Enumerations ValuesAdd.

In the Internal names field enter the id of the license tariff plan from the licensing server (BILLmanager).

The following internal names are used for ordering software licenses in ISPsystem BILLmanager:

    • ISPmanager 6 Lite — 55227

    • ISPmanager 6 Pro — 55228
    • ISPmanager 6 Host — 55229
    • ISPmanager 6 Business — 55230

The configured enumeration is linked to the "Control panel" addon of the tariff plan. Now the customer can specify the desired control panel when ordering, and the license will be allocated automatically when the order is processed.

To configure DCImanager/VMmanager processing modules, choose the "BILLmanager 5" processing module created earlier in License server.

The tariff needs to have a "Control panel" type addon, value type — "Enumeration", and must be linked to the enumeration "Control panel" created earlier. Prices must be set for each enumeration value.

Add-on "Control panel license"

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