A product type parameter is a piece of information that a client provides to activate a service. For example, it can be a domain name for a shared hosting service.  The values of every parameter are sent to a processing module that identifies it by its internal name. 


We do not recommend that you edit the internal names of pre-made add-ons.

Use a manual processing module or activation via Shell-scripts for custom add-ons. For more information please refer to the article Integration via ShellScripts.

Some services cannot be created unless you specify certain parameters. You can make them mandatory for customers:  

  • Optional parameter — a client may not enter it. A standard value will be applied for a service.  
  • Mandatory parameter — a client cannot order a service without specifying such parameters.  A processing module doesn't have a default value for it or the value must be unique.  

Configuring product type parameters

Go to Products → Product types → Parameters → Add:

  • Name; 
  • Internal name  — enter a unique internal name that allows identifying a parameter in the list of processing modules;


    The internal name of the parameter must not match the built-in internal names. Verify this using the API request:

    API request

    <BILLmanager address>? billmgr? func = <internal product type name> & out = xml

     <BILLmanager address> — enter the address of your BILLmanager

    <internal name of product type> — specify the internal name to be checked

    If a verifiable internal name is found in the response to the request, use a different name.

  • Allow connecting to tariff plans — parameter activation method for every tariff plan:
    • The option is disabled — this parameter will be active for all tariff plans with this product type; 
    • The option is enabled — this parameter will be disabled for all tariff plans with this product type.  Activate it in Products → Product types → Parameters → Tariff plans. 
  • Show during order — select the checkbox to show this parameter on a service order form; 
  • Show during activation — select the checkbox to show this parameter on a service activation task if the manual processing is enabled; 
  • Show in list — select the checkbox to show this parameter in a list of services of this product type: Products/Services → <A product type name>. 
  • Read/Edit permissions — a minimum user role that a user must have to be able to read/edit this parameter; 
  • Call the handler when parameters are changed — when this parameter is changed in Products/Services → <A product type name> → Edit the corresponding processing module with the setparam command will be called;
  • Input field type —  if you select a "List" or "Multiple selection list", set the values in ProductsProduct typesParametersValues. For more information please refer to the article Parameter values
  • Display type — select how the list elements will be displayed in BILLmanager 6 client interface. The field is displayed if you have selected "List" or "Multiple selection list";
  • Required parameter — indicates that a client must enter this parameter. This field is not displayed if you have selected a "Checkbox"; 
  • Hinta hint to a field that appears, when you hover over a question symbol in the BILLmanager interface;
  • Description — enter a description for this parameter. It will be displayed on a service order form in BILLmanager client interface; 
  • Encrypt — select the checkbox if you want to save this parameter in an encrypted way; 
  • Sort  — order of parameters on a service order/edit form; 
  • Group — this group is used on the detailed information page on the client side in BILLmanager.