BILLmanager allows a service provider to send SMS-notifications to his customers. To do this, he needs to integrate the billing platform with an SMS-gateway, 

Adding a new gateway

Navigate to IntegrationMail gatewaysAdd . The integration wizard contains two steps: "Add a new gateway" and "Gateway parameters". 

Adding a gateway

On this step, you need to choose an SMS-gateway:

  • Clickatell;
  • Devino Telecom;
  • MobilMoney;
  • QuickTelecom;
  • SMS-центр;
  • http-SMS;
  • SMS Traffic;
  • TurboSMS.

If the gateway you want to use is not present on the list, you can use the universal gateway "http-SMS".

Gateway parameters

Enter the integration parameters. 

On the form that will open you can choose a provider this gateway will be connected to, enter the authentication data, sender signature, period to send emails, and recipient filter which allows sending emails via different getaways:

Universal gateway

To set up a universal gateway, the provider needs to add the connection details via API:

In the  API request template you can use the following macros: 

  • '{phone}' — phone number.  
  • '{message}' — message text generated based on the EJS-template. 
  • '{sender}' — send signature, the value from the Sender field. 

To get all the data for connecting to an SMS-gateway via API, please refer to your service provider website. 


The logs of the connected gateways are kept in the '/usr/local/mgr5/var' directory and are named 'gw<service name>.log'.

Example: a full path to "GREENSMS" logs is ''/usr/local/mgr5/var/gwgreensms.log". 

Universal gateway

The log of the universal gateway is kept in the '/usr/local/mgr5/var' directory and is named 'gwsmscustom.log'.