The interface of BILLmanager 6 is available for both the client and the platform administrator.

At the first stage of the launch of the provider area, not all of its functions will be available. This will not affect the main features of the product: providers will be able to perform all the usual activities in the provider area without constraints on the work.

Temporary restrictions will affect the following:

  • BILLmanager 6 branding function;
  • storefront that has not been revised and will look the same;
  • typical out-of-the-box reports. Reports created by the client will keep functioning.

Enabling the new design

The use of the new graphic design applies separately for each provider.

Connection of a new BILLmanager client interface is performed in the provider settings: Provider Providers Edit button → Main settings block. From the drop-down list, select an Interface theme:

  • BILLmanager 6 — includes a new interface for the client area and the admin's dashboard. The previous interface theme is applied by default;
  • BILLmanager 6 (out of date) — includes an outdated client interface;
  • Classic — BILLmanager interface.


For new installations of the billing platform, the updated BILLmanager 6 interface is enabled by default.

Use the "Try new interface" banner to switch to the new interface.

Set as default — the set interface theme will be enabled by default.

To switch to the previous version of the interface, press the Old interface button.

Button in the left menu bar

If you selected the BILLmanager 6 theme, you will return to the interface of classic BILLmanager 5. The interfaces of BILLmanager 6 and BILLmanager 6 (out of date) are interchangeable and cannot work in parallel. To disable this possibility, check Disable clients to return to the old interface.

Logic of graphic design selection

The billing platform records the graphical interface theme used in a cookie file. This is used to "remember" the preferred version of the interface. If the user does not have the corresponding cookie, the old client interface will be displayed. If Set by default is checked and the client does not have a cookie, the new client interface will be displayed.

Clients can choose their preferred interface by using different URLs:

  • "https://<ip address/domain name>/billmgr?theme=client" — legacy BILLmanager 6 client interface;
  • "https://<ip address/domain name>/billmgr?theme=orion" — classic BILLmanager 5 interface;
  • "https://<ip address/domain name>/billmgr?theme=dragon" — BILLmanager 6 interface.