BILLmanager 6 Corporate

Updating from BILLmanager 5


To update to BILLmanager 6

To update BILLmanager 5 to BILLmanager 6, you need to select the "beta" repository:

  1. Check the repository version:

    cat /usr/local/mgr5/etc/repo.version
  2. Replace the repository "/usr/local/mgr5/etc/repo.version stable":

    echo 'beta' > /usr/local/mgr5/etc/repo.version
    /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch billmgr

To update BILLmanager 5 to BILLmanager 6:

  1. Purchase a license for BILLmanager 6.
  2. If you change the tariff of your existing BILLmanager 5 license for BILLmanager 6:
    1. Download the installation script:


    2. Delete the license file:

      rm /usr/local/mgr5/etc/billmgr.lic -rf
    3. Change the tariff in the billing system and generate a new license key.
    4. Activate the new license:

      /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch billmgr <key>

      <key> — license key

    5. Download the file:

    6. Run:

  3. Check the license information: 
/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl info billmgr


If non-working third-party repositories are connected to the server with BILLmanager, the control panel will not be able to update. To determine which repositories are blocking the update, run the command:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/ coremanager

The reply will contain information about the repositories:

Example of reply
Reading package lists...
W: GPG error: stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 1234567890ABCDEF
E: The repository ' stable Release' is not signed.

If you are using the BILLmanager 6 license and the control panel is blocked, you can update BILLmanager via the console. To do this:

  1. Connect to the server with BILLmanager via SSH.
  2. Download the script for updating:

  3. Run the script:



When you change the repository from stable to beta the control panel packages are updated to the version available in the beta repository. Switching from beta to stable will update the packages provided that the version in the stable repository is higher than the installed version. If the installed version is higher than the available one you cannot install modules in Integration → Modules. 

To avoid issues with the installation of modules:

  1. Navigate to Settings  System configuration  Update software automatically and select "do not update".  The current repository in the format  <version>-<repository>, e.g. "6.42-beta" will be added to /usr/local/mgr5/etc/repo.version.
  2. When the installed version of the control panel is available in the stable repository, change the repository from beta to stable:

echo 'stable' > /usr/local/mgr5/etc/repo.version
/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch billmgr --update license

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