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Supported features
Payments return

Recurring payments


Configuration details on the payment gateway side

Login to the payment gateway and enter the following configuration details:

To receive payments from users, notifications about incoming transactions should be sent to HTTP URL. Go to Settings → Notifications → click Configure next to HTTP.

Fill out the form:

  1. Enter the url of the notification script, which handles incoming  transactions https://billmgr_domain/mancgi/ymnotifyresult
  2. Select the Send notifications check box
  3. Click Show secret to receive the "secret key"
  4. Click Save

BILLmanager configuration details

Connect the payment module in Provider Payment methods. The connection wizard consists of three steps:

Step 1. Select the payment method "YooMoney (for individuals)".

Step 2. Enter the information required for integration with the payment system.

Step 3. Configure the internal (within BILLmanger) payment method parameters.

Integration setting

  1. Specify the Purse number to which the money will be debited.
  2. Enter the Secret key that you received from YooMoney.
  3. To get the client's Full name, Email, Phone or Address, enable the corresponding options.
  4. Payment method — the payment methods available to the client. The full list is available after adding the payment method. You can configure payment methods in the payment method editing form. If the provider has specified several payment methods, the payer will be able to choose a suitable one on the order payment page. In this case, the selection list displays the payment methods available in the payer's country. When payment methods are not specified by the provider, payers are given a choice from all methods available for their country. 

Additional information

Payments refunds

Payment refunds are not supported for the YooMoney payment method. 


Logs of interaction of the billing platform with YooMoney are recorded in the following files:

  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/pmyandexmoneynotify.log — log file of payment module configuration;
  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/ymnotifypayment.log — log file of payments;
  • /usr/local/mgr5/var/ymnotifyresult.log — log file of payment system's response receipt.